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I prepared with Darin for a job interview a few years ago. I’ve been working for a multinational company since then and I also leverage the learned techniques on meetings and group discussions. Working together was a great experience. Darin’s professionalism made progress smooth and his sense of humor helped make the stressful preparation phase easy.”

Edina Kovácsovics, EU and State Fund Project Manager, MOL

Darin Kranick remedies the unexamined life. He challenges us to revisit well-trodden ground and unearth the infrastructure of life we’ve become too complacent to fix. If you’re looking for ‘warm and fuzzy’ hand-holding you won’t find it here. If, on the other hand, you’re ready to tear things down to the bare poles and rebuild, Darin Kranick just might be the most competent collaborator you’ve got.”

N. D. Bradley, CA

Darin is always observing. In this way, he not only lives but also makes sense of life. His cool sober-mindedness worked like a magic bullet at a time in my life when everyone around me was doing everything they could to prove and realize themselves as quickly and painlessly as possible. Without Darin’s help I would never have really understood what being Hungarian means and that my culture has both a positive and a negative side to it – how much we overcomplicate things on the one hand and how richly complex we are on the other. Darin’s unique and culturally-transcendent world view has given me confidence and taught me to look at my culture more objectively. In the words of the Hungarian writer and painter, Miklós Mészöly: ‘to stay close inside the outer circle’.”

András Soós, Hungary

“Darin has uncanny perceptiveness and tremendous experience. He is able to know things about people on a deep level with very little information about them. He was very quick at seeing the different blocks in my life and knowing exactly what steps I needed to take to overcome them. I have opened up emotionally and truly changed.”

Gregory Alexander, President, Alexander Home Services, Inc., CA

“Darin understands people extremely well. He can sense if someone is on the right path, whether this be in their career or personal life. He taught me to how to think positively about my future – what things to change and how to reach my goals. Through him I learned how to focus on the really important things, how to face challenges and how to deal with stress at work and on interviews, etc. Darin is a unique person with unique gifts, and I’m grateful to him for encouraging and challenging me to really go after the things I need in my life.”

Adrienn Toboz, Interior Decorator, Hungary

“I find Darin to be a person of diverse expression, a man of wide-ranging talents. He can go from levity, exuberance, creativity to empathy, understanding human nature with a strong combination of heart and mind. He is a good listener as well, and asks questions that causes people to search their hearts for deeper answers to their questions and needs.”

Doug Giordani, Santa Barbara, CA